www.examnr.io Features Online assessment is the Future of Evaluation

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is equivalent to magic.” Arthur C Clarke

What makes www.examnr.io unique?

Futuristic approach towards education and assessment has been grown up with change in technology. The online platform for examination, www.examnr.io sticks on the top notch with its characteristics and features. The uniqueness of this platform is not because of its adaptability to accept the contemporary challenges but with the qualitative approach towards education.The revolution of paper free examination simplifies and lessens the burden of organizing tests and its evaluation with www.examnr.io.

www.examnr.io has exceptional functionalities which ensure credibility and easiness to their users and upgrade them in the world of digitalization. This innovative and informative platform from Clairvoyant Software Technology has been well known in the education industry for two decades and we ensure with our clients that our 100% dedication and effortless endeavors will make www.examinr.io to meet the requirements with the growth in technology.

Let’s go through the attributes of www.examnr.io
SaaS Enabled Modular Solution
Multiple platforms accessibility
Streamlined Proctoring methods
Browser based interface
Live audio / video monitoring / recording
Plagiarism check
24*7 evaluation
Flexible Subscriptions
Graphical Dashboard
Provides Multilanguage facility
Assessment by subject / topic
Real time evaluation tracking
Customizable reports and analytics
Compliance reports and audit trails
User defined question paper formats
Availability of Online support
“Assessments are not a burden now
From anywhere at anytime evaluate yourself with www.examnr.io”

www.examnr.io is exceptional with additional characteristics

Question Paper
Create Question Bank
Supports Comprehension Question
Blooms taxonomy compliance
Pursues outcome based education
Incorporates latest education methodologies
Configurable Rubrics
Assessment Method
Categorize question wise difficulty levels
Questions Repetition Monitoring
Set up multilingual questions in a single evaluation