About www.examnr.io A Qualitative Approach Towards Assessments

“We are changing the world with technology” -Bill Gates

What is www.examnr.io?

www.examnr.io is a digitalized platform for evaluating candidates from anywhere in the world. This SAAS based platform enables assessment of candidates either by single trainers or institutions. Major educational institutions are clients of www.examnr.io for their conducting internal assignments/examination for assessment purpose. We provide them the outstanding platform to conduct these and elevate the process. The quality and standard of assessments have been proven over the globe with a high success rate. The www.examnr.io is accepted by the candidates and organization as the platform reduce the burden of exam running. In this fast paced era the fastest evaluation and declaration of results reduce time and limited manual intervention.

Why www.examnr.io?

A systematic approach to measure the capability of a candidate by experts is accomplished with the automated platform www.examnr.io. Plenty of examination modes are available in this platform according to the requirement of institution and organizations and accessible on multiple platforms. It is a unique interface where candidates and instructors collaborate each other and offers to manage user profiles fororchestrating assessment process.

The exceptional platform offers assessments in English, French, Spanish, German, Arabic, Tamil and Hindi. The facilities like live audio/video monitoring /recording, lead www.examinr.io in achieving excellence. This user friendly platform assures plagiarism checking. Flexibility and integrity of assessment, customizable reports and analytics lead www.examnr.io to a popular SAAS online assessment site. We believe the future of evaluation with this innovative platform. We provide flexible subscriptions and ensure 24*7 evaluations. Without interfering in privacy, the test is supervised by a proctor. This online test environment is user friendly and encourage to create question bank for different assessments in various formats.

The Main Assessment methods

  • Multiple Choice
  • Multiple Reponse
  • Match the Following
  • Fill in the Blanks
  • Yes / No
  • True / False
  • Multimedia
  • Short Answers
  • Essay
  • Comprehension

www.examnr.io is ready to eliminate the cost and time of organizing exams and ensure data protection and easy accessibility. We evaluate your endeavours to favourable outcome.

www.examnr.io is future of exams. Be ready to access it