www.examnr.io Benefits A paragon for digitalized assessments

www.examnr.io is a part of Clairvoyant Software technologies who has been providing successfully the requirements of modern digitalized education for two decades. The unique features of www.examnr.io lead it to one of the major online assessment platforms. The innovative segment ensures communication between student and faculties and empower them to face the digitalized world.

The elevated usage of www.examnr.io is nothing but, its exceptional features.

What are the advantages of www.examnr.io?

Digitise Evaluation Process

With our end to end stack you can digitize your assessment process.

Create Question Bank

Enable institutions or organizations to create question bank for different examinations based on subjects and topics in various formats.

Manage User Profiles

Offer ability to manage user profiles and orchestrate their assessment process

Tracking User Responses

Ensures tracking of user responses based on machine learning and data intelligent parameters.

Integrated Information

Provides advanced technology with integrated information.

Control Panel

Control panel for quick reports on performance.

LMS & ERP Integration

Seamless integration with LMS and ERP systems.

Data Protection

Guarantees data protection and easy accessibility.

“www.examnr.io is an enhanced online gauging platform of skills and knowledge”