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www.examnr.io is scientifically designed end-to-end SaaS based online assessment platform for evaluation of candidates starting from individual trainers to institutions. examnr.io is also used by organisations during recruitment to execute competency-based assessments for talent hiring. Our assessment platform and online exam system help’s to  administer online assessments that can be accessed by users anywhere, anytime and on any device

Available Assessment Methods

  • Multiple Choice
  • Multiple Reponse
  • Match the Following
  • Fill in the Blanks
  • Yes / No
  • True / False
  • Multimedia
  • Short Answers
  • Essay
  • Comprehension









www.examnr.io Features

Online assessment is the Future of Evaluation

SaaS Enabled Modular Solution
Accessible on multiple platforms
Simplified Proctoring Methods
Browser based interface
Live audio / video monitoring / recording
Plagirism checks capable
Evaluation can be scheduled 24/7
Flexible Subscriptions
Graphical Dashboard
Supports multi-langauge
Assessment by Subjects /Topics
Real time evaluation tracking
Customizable Reports & Analytics
Compliance reports and audit trails
User defined question paper formats
Availability of Online support

More features

Question Paper
Create Question Bank
Supports Comprehension Questions
Bloom's taxonomy compliance
Supports Outcome Based Education
Incorporates latest education methodologies
Configurable Rubrics
Assessment Method
Categorise question wise difficulty levels
Questions Repetition Monitoring
Setup Multilingual Questions in a Single Evaluation

www.examnr.io Benefits

This innovative solution will Empower faculty and candidates to Communicate & Collaborate

Digitise Evaluation Process

Fully Digitize your user assessment process with our end to end stack

Create Question Bank

Empower assessors to create question bank for different assessments based on subjects and topics in different formats

Manage User Profiles

Offer ability to manage user profiles and orchestrate their assessment process

Tracking User Responses

Tracking of user responses based on machine learning and data intelligence parameters

Integrated Information

Enhanced technology with integrated information.

Control Panel

Control panel for quick reports on performance.

LMS & ERP Integration

Seamless integration with LMS and ERP systems.

Data Protection

Data protection and easy accessibility.

www.examnr.io Plans

www.examnr.io is a fully automated solution for online evaluation


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